Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mullu Murukku (Manoppu)

Rice flour                         -  300 gms
Bengal gram dal powder     -  100 gms
(The rationis 3 : 1)
Asafoitida                         -  1 table spoon
Ajwain                             -  2 table spoons
Red chili powder               -  2 table spoons
Ghee                                -  4 table spoons
Cooking oil for deep frying.
Salt to taste.

1.  Mix rice flour, bengal gram dal powder(besan), salt, asafoitida and ajwain in a bowl.
2.  Add melted ghee and mix again.
3.  Now add water to the mixture and make it into a tight dough.
4.  Heat oil in a kadai.
5.  Take some dough and pass it through the mullu murukku strainer.
6.  It has to be cooked in low flame.
7.  Turn the murukku from time to time so that it is cooked evenly on both the sides.
8.  Once manoppu turns golden brown remove from oil and keep it on a sieve for the extra oil to drain.
9.  Manoppu ready.  Store in an air tight container.


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