Monday, February 21, 2011

Palak Sakkarpara


Palak                  -  1 bunch
Wheat flour         -  1 cup
Maida                 -  1 cup
Rice flour             -  1/2 cup
Butter or ghee      -  3 table spoons
Garlic                   -  5 - 8 pearls
Green chillies        -  3 nos
Sauf(fennel seeds  -  1 table spoon
Asafoitida             -  1 tea spoon
Salt to taste
Oil for deep frying

1.  Clean, wash and grind palak into a paste adding as little water as possible.
2.  Also grind garlic, green chillies and sauf into a paste.  Again as little water as possible.
3.  Sieve wheat flour, maida, rice flour, asafoitida and salt together.
4.  Add the ground palak paste and garlic, green chillies paste and ghee to the flour.
5.  Knead the mixture into a tight dough.
6.  Heat oil in a kadai.
7.  Take some of the kneaded dough and roll it into a thick chapati.
8.  Cut the chapati into small pieces in desired shape .
9.  Deep fry the cut pieces in low flame.
10.Once the sakkarpara pieces turns greenish brown remove from stove.
11.Allow it to cool and store it air tight box.  Its a nice snack for tea time.

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