Sunday, March 13, 2011



For cover:
Maida (All time flour) -  150 gms
Cooking oil or ghee    -  3 table spoons
Salt to taste

For stuffing:
Potatoes                    -  250 gms
Onion                        -  1 nos
Mint leaves                -  1 table spoon
Green chilies              -  3 - 4 nos
Garlic                        -  4 - 5 pearls
Ginger                       -  1 inch
Turmeric powder       -  1/2 tea spoon
Salt to taste
Cooking oil for deep frying.

1.  Take the maida in a bowl add salt, cooking oil or ghee and make it into a tight dough.
2.  Apply 2 table spoons of oil over the dough and keep it in an air tight container aside for 1 hr.
3.  In the mean time boil potatoes, peel and mash.
4.  Grind together mint leaves, green chilies, ginger and garlic.  Chop onions finely.
5.  Heat  2 table spoons of oil in a kadai and add the chopped onions and once it turns transparent add the ground masala.
6.  Add salt turneric powder and salt and stir fry the masala till the raw smell goes off and add the mashed potatoes and 1/4 cup of water just to bind the potato with the masala.
7.  Now take a small lemon size of the dough and roll it into a chapati.
8.  Cut it into 2 and make a cone out of one half chapati and stick the cut side tightly.
9.  Keep the empty cone formed in your left hand in such a way that the sharp side is between the index finger and middle finger.
10.Fill the cone with 1 spoon of the potato masala(till 3/4 of the cone is filled)
11.Now carefully close the open side of the cone, place it on a plate and press edge tightly.  If necessary just dampen the finger and stick it tight.
12.Follow the procedure till all the masala and dough is made into to samosas.
13.Heat oil in a kadai and deep fry the samosas in low flame till golden brown.
14.Serve hot with sauce or green and red chutney.

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