Thursday, September 6, 2012

Uppu Seedai


Rice                -  1 cup
Udad dal          -  2 table spoons
Ghee               -  4 table spoons
Sesame seeds -  2 table spoons(Optional)
Asafoitida         -  1 tea spoon
Grated coconut -  2 table spoons
Salt to taste
Cooking oil       -  for deep frying

1.  Wash and spread the rice in a thin cotton cloth in shade and allow it to dry for 2 hrs.
2.  Fry the urad dal in a kadai without adding any oil.
3.  Mix the rice and fried dal together and grind it to soft flour and sieve it nicely.
4.  Add salt, asafoitida, ghee, finely grated coconut and asafoitida and mix well and make it into a soft dough adding water.
5.  Make small balls from the dough.
6.  Deep fry them in oil.  Remember that the stove should be kept in low flame.
7.  Once the seedai turns golden brown remove from stove.
8.  Allow the seedais to become cool and store it in airtight container.

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